General Aviation including Air Racing

Air Racing

Air Racing is an aerial motorsport where pilots with the world’s best flying skills compete remotely in terms of precision and time in operating race-specialized small aircraft under extreme condition. Pilots will fly actual racetracks set up at various locations globally, competing for best times in a remote format.


A small private aircraft carrying no more than two people, with an empty weight of not more than 150 kg and a wing area not less than 10 square metres. A microlight is lighter and usually slower flying than a normal light aircraft.

Light Sport Aircraft

A Light Sport Aircraft or LSA, is a diverse category of small planes that meet specific operational and design criteria. To be considered a light-sport aircraft, a plane’s top speed cannot exceed 120 knots. It also must have a maximum allowable take-off weight below 1320 pounds if it is operating non-amphibiously. If the aircraft is taking off or landing in water, this number increases to 1430. Also, an LSA must have a maximum seating capacity of two people. This includes the pilot. All LSA’s are single-engine aircraft with a depressurized cabin. They must also be equipped with a landing gear if they are non-amphibious.